New Jersey State Police Graduate Studies Program


                    Introduction to Human Resources Development (HRTD 6501)


                    Directed Research (HRTD 8891)


                    Interdisciplinary Studies for Administrators: Issues and Theories (EDAS 8801)


                    Performance Analysis (HRTD 6504)


                    Ethical Foundations of Professional Helping Relationships (EDST 7310)


                    Design and Evaluation of Human Resources Development Programs (HRTD 6503)


                    Personnel Administration (EDAS 6667)


                    Leadership Dynamics: Analysis of Supervisory Behavior (EDAS 7772)


                    Consulting Skills (HRTD 6506)


                    History of Education in America (EDST 9301)


                    Selected Topics (HRTD 7100)


                    Adult Learning (HRTD 6502)


                    Statistical Methods (EDAS 6005)


                    Management of Fiscal Affairs in Administration (EDAS 7761)


                    Organizational Decision Making (EDAS 7771)


                    Organizational Structures and Processes in Administration (EDAS 7773)


                    Intermediate Statistics (EDAS 8616)


                    Human Relations (EDST 6324)


                    Supervision of Instruction and Evaluation (EDAS 6666)


                    Organization and Administration of Education (EDAS 6601)                   


                    Curriculum Development and Evaluation (EDAS 6665)


                    Policy Analysis in Administration (EDAS 6765)                   


                    Advanced Study in Personnel Administration (EDAS 7767)


                    Cybernetic Research (EDAS 7770)


                    Curriculum Design and Engineering (EDAS 7776)

                               Curriculum Design Project

                Leadership and Management Assessment (EDAS 8983)


                Microcomputers for Administrators (EDAS 7768)

                        Word Project    (State Police Resume)

                Excel Project     (click here to see the printed document)

                    Mid Term Assessment

                    PowerPoint Project


                Culminating Project

                              Research Project 

                Qualifying Exam

                    Qualifying Exam Review Document  (internal document links not yet functional)

                    Qualifying Exam Answers   (not necessarily the correct ones)