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I'm Meenbeen. This isn't the first web page I've ever designed, but it is the first personal web page I've ever posted for myself. It started out as a project for one of my graduate school classes and kind of grew on it's own. Right now, it's far from finished, but I have some really big plans for it. Eventually there will be an "About Me" page, tons of interesting links and a few more just for fun. Directly underneath here are some miscellaneous links to other places you can visit within this site. In the "Educational Links" section under "My Graduate Program Documents" I plan to post all of the work I've completed in my graduate program at Seton Hall and some other things that might be of interest.  Keep in mind this site is still under construction and has a long way to go, but for now I hope you enjoy it.



Some Interesting Links...

Please, don't poke the monster!


Need a new computer?

Visit the Wicked Systems Homepage.




God Bless America


We will never forget!

Full Metal Jacket

(an American classic)


Really Big Fish Tales





Educational Links

Microsoft Learning

Seton Hall University

Rutgers University

The OWL Online Writing Lab

My Graduate Program Documents


SOS Math

 The Executive Ed.D Program









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